Occam’s Razor

August 5, 2007

"A Big Hand of A-flaws"

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I swear, my social skills have been down the drain for the past week. Without any attempts from my end I have been a complete snob to the newcomer. I don’t reply to text messages. Because I don’t see them messages until after a few hours that they were sent — at which point wala na kwenta to even reply. This CDMA phone just ain’t workin for me. Hirap mag text so I unconsciously ignore the phone most of the time.

Even IMs I don’t return on time. But that’s because I run around the office much lately and I get to leave my laptop sometimes for a stretch of two hours and when I come back there have been messages from the newcomer — again that I haven’t returned and kinda pointless na to return coz two hours too late na. And not just one occassion ha. Many times na in a span of one week. And the newcomer has been so good and nice but it’s just a bit awkward to say that di ko sinasadya to seem like an a-hole. So here’s to hoping that I don’t strike a really bad impression just coz my social skills are dead for the past week.

And this happens all the time to me when there’s a newcomer. Might it be a curse so I will forever try to make it up to those whom I have unwittingly ignored or snobbed? And what is it with me being all defensive? Normally, I wouldn’t care but sometimes people can be sensitive and I just have a feeling that given the circumstances, I am surrounded by very sensitive chaps. Which is not naman saying that it’s such a bad thing. But let me bring up another problem with me, many people find my sense of humor weird.

And I admit that it’s not a popular brand of humor. But when people describe it as acrid, then I may have unwittingly stepped on some sensitive nerves somewhere. But hey, Im not about to change it, problem is when you speak your brand of humor you’re an arrogant prick. When you choose to be silent, you’re a snob.

This is why I miss PS. I didn’t have to worry about the times I have to crack an irreverent joke. Or when I just didn’t feel particularly chatty — I didn’t have to worry that I hurt someone’s feelings — ang baduy ha! Nasasakyan ng mga tao. And I gained a lot of friends there din amid the “weird” sense of humor. Sana dito din I can just be.


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