Occam’s Razor

August 5, 2007


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It seems to me that when people decide to leave their mandatory lives and decide to travel and forget about the rudiments they are entangled with (I’m referring to backpackers), they decide to read Tolstoy. I guess it’s part of the list of “Must Do’s” for a lot of people and War and Peace being a longish book demands an undivided and a long time (not to mention attention span) from readers.

I’m not sure if I should include it in my “Must Read in this Lifetime List” coz the multimedia world has totally ravished my attention span and frankly if I can hardly pronounce the names of the characters I read then that’ll basically be a trainwreck of a read. Unless somebody tells me it would be really worth it.


Wimbledon’s second week starts tomorrow. I figured that since all my previous superstitious techniques (which runs the gamut from aroma therapy to ironing my clothes to sitting in a particular position with my index finger pointing to the north star) in sending positive energy signals to Roger Federer to win the French did not work — I will try a new one: I will root against him. So whoever he plays against with I will root for like a maniac.


There’s so much to do when I get back to Hanoi. Ugh!


I have just seen Fantastic Four and it was some popcorn movie. I was really excited when I first saw the theatrical trailer at the Promenade during a screening of 300. The special effects seemed awesome. Not much time really for a review but I liked how the movie was unpretentiously silly.


Ok that’s it I think I need to board the plane now. Will blog again soon.


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