Occam’s Razor

August 5, 2007

Pointless Post of The Day

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My “broad”band connection is going all wonky so I need to reboot. What the F is the problem with the broads!? This is the unluckiest Friday the 13th I’ve had. I’m being punished for being a cranky asshole. Wait, hold that thought, “cranky asshole” now that’s a really gross term. So for crankiness, tonight take I the couch.

Kase naman this stupid MTX problem to greet my morning! — with the client storming at my office while I’m in mid-thought processing gajillion documents. So the moment I noticed somebody open my door I didn’t even lift my head — I was sitting there with my brows joined together while I furiously tap on the poor laptop (I’m so unlucky, I even rhyme). In any case before the poor client can even speak I lifted my hands giving the “stop or I’ll shoot you if I ever lose this flow of thought” sign. I am such a dork. Turns out MTX problem and option 9 ain’t workin (let’s leave the technicalities this way.) Two of my staff pa aren’t around to oversee this shit so nobody told me. And the department that’s supposed to inform me second line didn’t tell me coz well they didn’t know! Imagine the embarrassment. Gigantic!

And then calls from home pa. Some really kulit and confusing people — all sabay sabay which really makes me hate celfones. I maintain two now and I hate it when both of them are ringing nonstop. I’m so tempted to answer with, “Thank you for calling Pizza Hut! May I take your order please?” And then more kulitan with the locals which is kind of pointless given that I don’t understand them.

I zoned out a bit and to destress I imagined the park behind my condo in Makati. I miss Valero and that Saturday morning market at the park. Well, not too much really so I ended up still cranky. Must make mental note that when I zone out to destress, I should think of, well, something else.

So when I got home I tried to be all cheery and upbeat and failed miserably at it. Darn it! I just realized that it’s Friday night and I still have some cans of Tiger beer in the fridge. Hmm so couch and beer it is tonight. I hate being cranky. But I will enjoy my beer. Ok gotta reboot now or whatever.


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