Occam’s Razor

August 18, 2007

The Imperfect Perfect Fan

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It was in Cebu, during one of our many tampuhans that Thea told me about Ian. I gave her a call telling her I’m on my way to meet her when she told me she’s meeting Ian who, ever so casually she said, has won the Palanca. Twice.

Under normal circumstances I would have been excited with the idea, after all I have always looked up to the past winners with envious admiration. I’ve always imagined picking on their brains and asking them all sorts of adulatory questions like do you write longhand or do you use a pc or a mac? The idea itself would have made me ecstatic being of course a fan of literature.

But it wasn’t one of those normal circumstances. Thea and I were having a prolonged tampuhan and she’s meeting a guy whose literary accomplishments were something that will remain as unrealized dreams for me. And so I played it cool, after all I am Mr. Unaffectedly Cool in times of tampuhan.

It was several months later, when we were back in Manila in another spell of tampuhan, that Ian came back in the picture. This time around I wasn’t playing the role of Mr. Unaffectedly Cool very well. I was making her suyo. In other words, I was playing Mr. Nice who’s happily carrying countless shopping bags and putting out a smile while patiently waiting at Zara. Under normal circumstances I would excuse myself and say I need to go to the wash room when in fact I will just loiter at the Mac shop.

Thea told me she’s meeting Mark and Ian (the award winning writer) in Malate, and asked if I can drive them around. I obliged of course, knowing Mark, it’s guaranteed that we won’t have a boring moment. She tells me further that Ian flew from Dumaguete to receive yet another award. But I was too preoccupied with playing Mr. Nice that I failed to hear a number of things she told me. Perhaps my constant smiling during all those shopping was causing a strain in my brain that I was unable to process what she said. It was as though complete sentences were broken down into fragments: Be nice. Hope feel. Don’t awkward. Mark and Ian. Boyfriends.

Since I was pretty much a zombie after all the shopping, I said sure. All I can think of was something I read in a magazine somewhere “Be nice to her friends!” So I was all set to be nice and all until of course we met them and introductions were made. Mark and Thea were ecstatic to finally see each other after a long time. Of course they talked about what each other was wearing, weight issues and all (It’s amazing how they can talk about clothes, weight, make up and all in one sentence delivered in one breath!) Mark says hi and follows it with, “Les, meet Ian my Bubu!”

“Oh!” was all I could say.

There’s really nothing more than shopping that can numb my head. Turns out Ian and Mark were together and that the award-winning writer Ian that Thea met in Cebu was Mark’s whom Mark ever so excitedly introduced during that time. Great, so now that that’s out of the way then I can proceed with playing Mr. Nice.

At this point, Mr. Nice and Mr. Unaffectedly Cool somehow merged into one. Read: BIG MISTAKE!

(To be continued.Blame Vodka.)


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