Occam’s Razor

September 11, 2007


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The reactions on that fateful day were hugely varied. When the tons of dust began settling in the aftermath, a collective rattling was felt across the world. I remember fixing a cup of coffee at the pantry and seeing some officemates gather around the tv glued to CNN. A friend muttered, “Holy shit, this is like a Die Hard movie except it’s for real!”

I first thought, who on earth would be stupid enough to ram a plane at the WTC? But when the second tower was hit, it dawned to me that this was not a Darwin Award material. At that point it could have very well been the beginnings of war. I called my sister in NJ but she was not even aware at that time on what was happening since she was perhaps performing a lobotomy. But to our relief she was nowhere near NY during that time.

I called home to let people know, “In case war breaks out, well, I called home ayt?” My sister thought I was sick in the head. But what can I say, I was 21 at that time and was going through that “phase”.

Around me people were either annoyed that their momentum at work was disrupted. There were quotas to be met and hours to log for many. For a lot, this was another excuse to head to either City Jam, Ponana, Blue Onion and all those usual haunts for alcohol and hopefully good music. Heck, if war breaks loose among those nuke wielding countries and some stray missile hits near home might as well enjoy that last drop of beer!

It does suck however to realize that in the event that 911 rose to a dreary level than it already were, all we’d have been were hopeless spectators with a high probability of being used as pawns or getting caught in the crossfire. Fuck, now that’s depressing!

A lot of people resent the USA for what Bush and some of his predecessors has turned it to be. Oh, I’m not even gonna start getting all political here but when you do some Occam’s Razor-ing it’s really as simple as this: Have some tolerance to diversity and mind your own shit. A lot of people have died because you cannot get your shit together. A lot are still dying. George and Ossama, for crying out loud kiss and make up already!

Six freakin years and nothing much has changed. Darn it, makes me want to drink beer!


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