Occam’s Razor

September 20, 2007


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Over the past few days I have been thinking a lot on how classmates from grade school, high school and college are doing now. My hope of course is that everyone’s enjoying their bliss or at least are having a great time pursuing them.

It started with a YM conference that I had with Joy and Ryan. We were having casual discussion on how life has been for us. Joy is now an expectant mother and has since established a career as an Industrial Engineer. Ryan has passed the Medical Board exams and is keen on becoming an extraordinary doctor along the lines of Burke of Grey’s. A lot of our classmates have made it big already and quite a number of them are at least pursuing their dreams. I’ve always maintained that the pursuit of dreams often provides for more meaningful joy than its achievement, so I had my peace. In essence I was glad that people are doing well.

It disturbs me however that last night, I was laughing my head off upon discovering that one of our classmates is now pursuing a career as a Jollibee mascot. Right there on his online profile, was a photo of him wearing Jollibee’s costume with Jollibee’s head in his right hand as though it were some helmet that he just took off. The caption read: I’m Jollibee. How freaky is that? He is Jollibee and it dawned to me that fuck, I used to be classmates with Jollibee!

I first thought that it was some really good albeit sick joke that he was playing but then when I clicked for the next photo, he was with ten other Jollibee mascots.

Apparently, the Jollibees were in a meeting of sorts. Imagine how the boardroom talks go with them bees all in one room.

At this point I couldn’t hold my laughter anymore and I had to share it with someone, so I pinged Stine in Chicago and showed her the pictures. We spent the next 15 minutes or so in a good cross continental laugh.

And then I started to think, was it such a mean thing for me to be laughing that way?

I’m giving myself a break here, after all I chunk mimes, clowns and mascots into the collective freak category. Call me a wuss but they scare me on end although from a distance I find them a bit hilarious. I am laughing not because of the odd career choice but with the fact that I can now call Jollibee a former classmate. Perfect! Even more, the sight of ten Jollibees in one place making weird poses is much too freaky funny for me. I immediately imagined being in a room full of Jollibees and I imagined myself scared at wits end possibly screaming with fear like a total wimp.

Is it possible that I have turned into a horrible human being who laughs at possibly another clear reminder of the lack of choices in our homeland? Or perhaps, was I ridiculing what could be a downright passion to being a mascot? Or is it because I laugh at almost anything that I see?

Whatever it is, the laughter sure didn’t last long.


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