Occam’s Razor

September 26, 2007

Buti Na Lang

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What the fuck am I doing up this late when I gotsta go to work in the morneng? I can’t sleep. I’m having one of them “too-many-shit-cycloning-in-my-mind” spells. Was having terrible migraine already this afternoon because of too much thinking all day so I had to take 2 glasses (not cups) of unadulterated Vietnamese coffee. Migraine gone but shit cyclone went on full throttle. You guessed it right, migraine looms anew in a few hours unless of course I get to sleep. Which won’t happen because of the freakin effective coffee.

Anyway, on a positive note, buti na lang TJ brainwashed me to drop the Bangkok Open at buti na lang din I found out that Rafa will be in KL on November so I willingly obliged with no hard feelings to forego Bangkok — why? Coz Rafa, Nole, Roddick (the top three seeds) withdrew from the poor tournament in Bangkok. Which means Tommy Haas na lang the one worthy to watch. Other almost worthy names also got eliminated during the early rounds so if ever I pushed through I would have probably be cursing at the high skies by now.

These big tennis stars what I hate about them is how obviously Asian tourney are no biggie for them. They withdraw from the tournament with no remorse and can cite a plethora of reasons. The easiest of course will be injuries. At the same time it’s hard to blame them coz these are like latak tournaments na, what with all the 4 Grand Slams done already obviously they’d only want to win these small tourneys if number 1. they need the money, 2. they need those points to end the year at number 1. Eh does not apply to any of them, it’s not like anyone can topple Roger at the top anytime soon. And since they are the top players, they get millions from endorsement deals so what for do they need the barya they can win from say the Bangkok Open?

You know it’s a bad thing that I am up at this time coz fuck I’m speaking this horrible hybrid language again. Must get sleep and hopefully tomorrow I’m a normal person again sans this horrible language deficiency.


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