Occam’s Razor

October 26, 2007

Are You Kidding Me?!@

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An executive pardon??? Are you fuckin kidding me? Could that midget of a President be more guilty of all the allegations thrown at her? Don’t you fuckin forget that you were propelled to your position by people who marched to unseat that filthy bastard out of Malacanang!

I for one marched along EDSA during that time. So it fucking irritates me that you’d pardon the sonofabitch and put to waste what I, along with millions of Filipinos, fought for. And what you say is your reason? Fuck your reasons. We all know why you did this!

Oh you’re so quivering with fear right now because you know you were exposed and are vulnerable. So you had to use a lifeline. While you do this shitty stunt, I want you to know that you disgust me! I am ashamed that you are the President of my country!


Hoy GMA, that corrupt sonofabitch was convicted of stealing from the country’s coffers. Meaning yung tax na binabayaran ko for years binulsa nya! That’s one-and-a-half iPod Classic worth of my salary EVERY FREAKIN month. Put that in perspective, in a few months meron na dapat akong MacBook Pro! Pero I gave that to the government and this mofo stole it. Same case sa mga ibang Pinoy — that dude stole from us. we put you on your seat para lang you can pardon this bastardous thief? Some bitch you are!



  1. mahirap palang magalit si S’Les. katakot. nyehehe.

    Comment by reich — October 27, 2007 @ 3:14 pm

  2. Hahaha! I get your drift but I am waaayyy too upset. Coz I grew up fighting for the PI to get better. Yung first EDSA I was there as a 6 year old kid. Marched with my ‘rents. Yung bahay namin for a week stank of tuna sandwich that my mom prepared for protesters. Then the 2nd EDSA I was there too. Later on got a bit skeptical na about “fighting” but I had to do what I needed to do as a citizen. And these people, they screw it up just like that. You cut them a bit of a slack and they abuse their position and forget about how they got their power.

    Here I go again… but for all my Eurocentricity and fascination with things trivial and seeming burgis orientation, making PI a better place is one thing I’d have to be right with. If anything, I’m more nationalistic than what I seem. And when it comes to the PI that’s one thing I will always put my foot down on, even if it means taking it to the streets or blogging.

    Sometimes, too, I just drink too much coffee. Okay, blog-cursing moratorium for two weeks.

    Comment by lesturla — October 27, 2007 @ 3:35 pm

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