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December 21, 2007

Rounding Up 2007

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Although 2007 started with me confined at the Medical City for pneumonia, the rest of the year has been great. I’ve been in four countries this year (may still reach 5 countries if we can make a quick dash to Cambodia next week) and had realized quite a few dreams. Work has been ok, too, while on the other hand love life came full circle to the inevitable.

And to remind myself that I have a lot to thank for amid all the bumps on the road I came up with a Top Ten list a la Letterman for:

The Highlights of My Year:

   10. Connections made while travelling
Met a Japanese businessman while stranded in NAIA who gave me his business card and offered to house me in Tokyo if I ever I go visit. Met an AVP of a bank in Jakarta who made the same offer. Met an IT Director based in Paris who asked for my resume. Met a French Embassy atache, a French Doctor on a medical mission in Hanoi and plenty of backpackers whose business cards are all carefully tucked in my backpack. What really mattered was I was not my usual snobbish Les anymore. And while in lay overs, planes, boats, or just plain walking around or having coffee I started talking to people again and in return enriched my knowledge of humanity and the world.

9. Turning 28
Helped me put things in perspective. This year made me realize my dreams more clearly. I also learned that no dream is ever silly be it meeting your sports heroes or pursuing law school studies in New York…

    8. Cullen
Every single day of the year my son never failed to surprise me with his wisdom. He’s one person whom I know loves me unconditionally and returns the love I shower him ten-fold. When as a parent seeing your child happy is more than enough reward, Cullen takes it even further. As young as he is, Cullen cared for me in his own Cullen way which is unimaginable for a two year old. His ability to learn, how intelligent he is, how he understands things even if we don’t try to explain them is simply amazing. The night before they were to fly back to Manila his eyes said it all. I know that someone out there loves me unconditionally without asking for anything in return.

    7. Seeing the Petronas Twin Towers at night
I’ve never really thought much about it until of course I was there and saw how magnificent it really was at night. Sigh.

    6. Going to Ha Long Bay
This world heritage site was a sight to behold. Splendid scenery and history. Breathtaking views. Top it off with meeting backpackers along the way and chatting them up sharing travel experiences. By the time you have to leave Ha Long Bay you’ll have been rich in more ways than one. Rich in friends, experiences, knowledge and overall rich as a resident of Earth.

    5. Discovering Photography
A hobby that I have long practiced in my head finally became a reality. I still have a long way to go but the important thing is that I have already begun what I have always wanted to do.

    4. Living in Hanoi
So far my most favorite city on Earth — and I’ve been in quite a few cities. For its people, sceneries, values, culture, the trees, lakes, weather, for its being a cusp between a city and a province, for its respect for the old and for how it embraces the lost foreigner by cradling it safely in its old quarters and ultimately for having a sense of pride and yet not too aware of how great it is while never hesitating on making its guests feel great about who they are. Ahhh Hanoi, love it heaps!

    3. Having a blast at Sinulog with friends
For all the Januaries that I had spent in Cebu, this year was my first Sinulog experience. Really got down and dirty with it dancing in the street, walking under the heat of the furious sun, meeting people, taking pictures, saying some prayers and actually “getting” the whole experience’s sense.

2. Going back to writing (via blogging)
I have broken my silence and secret fear of “going back to writing”. The result was I was read ALL OVER THE WORLD! I know that this novelty might not count much since there are way too many bloggers out there who can make a similar claim but that is entirely beside the point. Whatever it is, the fact remains that ALL OVER THE WORLD some people bothered to read, and that alone counts for SOMETHING.

    1. Being inches away from Roger Federer and Pete Sampras
I have yapped endlessly on this. I met my sports superheroes and the feeling was far greater than I had imagined. I’m a hardcore tennis aficionado and Federer and Sampras in one court is as hardcore as it can get.


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