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October 26, 2007

Foot Prints

I’ve been meaning to give an update on my, uh, so-called “Global Foot Print” (my friend Anna is getting excited too, read her) as soon as I got Paris reading. Perhaps it’s the French couple I met in one of those trips who visited my blog. In any case, when I got the Paris flag it got me really excited  for reasons I have previously blogged about. I guess also because of this Eurocentricity that I’m afflicted with.

Check out the map, my blog is read almost all over the US. In Europe the distribution is a bit less dense but spread out to my satisfaction. Teehee! Must work on my Australian  readership (guess it’s been only CJ who’s been reading hehe). Need to also spruce up readership in Asia although I’ve been getting traffic from Malaysia, Singapore, Vietnam, Indonesia and the Philippines of course. But in China, Korea, HK, Japan — zilch!

In any case, what is the point of my post you might ask? Nothing. It’s just that I need to document this before I start losing interest. That kind of thing happens you know, what with the limited attention span our generation was cursed with!

Plus, it has been one heck of a work-week. October has been really, ugh, stressful at work. So I really need to remind myself that I have something to be excited about. Like flags!

So let’s go back to flags. Here now, presenting my most recent Flag list, tada!

So happy, sooo berry happy!


August 29, 2007


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I miss Manila. Not that I am terribly lonely or bored, in fact I’m neither one of those. It’s just that sometimes it kicks you in the balls so hard that you can’t ignore it anymore — I miss home. Darn it!

Now, before you go all “deep” on me about “home” being where the heart is (which is nothing but a poetic excuse for the nomadic) and get into a purely semantics debate let me make it clear: I miss my country. Home. Physical place. No heart talk here. This is not one of those days. Aren’t you glad?

Even for those who are together with family but are living abroad, it comes — the kick in the balls I mean. Although we try to avoid it as much as we could, TJ and I were discussing some of the things that we miss about home. Lookie:

  1. Powerbooks, A Different Bookstore, Fully Booked — we want books lots of them. Send us books!
  2. Driving along C-5 on Saturday mornings bereft of traffic
  3. Driving along C-5 on Friday nights with ALL the traffic
  4. Sunday afternoons in UP Diliman — those trees are phenomenal!
  5. Rare times when Megamall is not swarmed with people
  6. Walking around and deciding on which restaurant to eat at in Greenbelt 3 and 2…
  7. … And bumping into friends while making that decision
  8. Sunday lunches at the Shang (both Mactan and Makati)
  9. TJ’s shopping haunts
  10. Eluding wiseass traffic enforcers (lalo na pag coding and we just vroom pag hinuhuli na! Whatta trip!)
  11. Inuman with the gang (Kroc, and that tiny place near Makati Med, NSG, Big Sky at QC — actually kahit saan basta may…)
  12. San Mig Light! — dayum I almost forgot how this beer tasted
  13. The Fort — nights of making the rounds (dinners at Le Souffle, beers at Pier 1, then Embassy or Cuisine for more beers)
  14. Krispy Kreme
  15. SM Home Appliance Center — oo trying to imagine how our home would look like when we’re all trippy
  16. Eastwood on Sunday afternoons — swarmed with kids and fellow ‘rents, so we basically find out who recently got knocked up and is with a child
  17. Cuisine — feeling VIP kasi parati free
  18. Redbox — it’s still the only karaoke joint that has Pearl Jam’s Black in their playlist. When I visit next sana they have DMBs Grace is Gone
  19. Embassy (funny story about elections at “The Embassy” — feeling VIP rin kasi parati free)
  20. Flyovers — I don’t why pero nakaka miss lalo na the one from EDSA going to LSGH
  21. Chats with pet-owners in Eastwood
  22. Carousels for Cullen lalo na the one at Shang Ortigas
  23. Ortigas Center at 5 am weekday or early Saturday afternoon
  24. Highstreet/ Serendra before we left it was kinda the new place eh I wonder if it picked up from the initial curiosity
  25. Philippe the French stylist from F Salon — still the only stylist that doesn’t make me feel I am being played with and I always walk out happy after some sniping

I could go on and on but there’s really no place like Manila.

August 18, 2007

The Imperfect Perfect Fan

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It was in Cebu, during one of our many tampuhans that Thea told me about Ian. I gave her a call telling her I’m on my way to meet her when she told me she’s meeting Ian who, ever so casually she said, has won the Palanca. Twice.

Under normal circumstances I would have been excited with the idea, after all I have always looked up to the past winners with envious admiration. I’ve always imagined picking on their brains and asking them all sorts of adulatory questions like do you write longhand or do you use a pc or a mac? The idea itself would have made me ecstatic being of course a fan of literature.

But it wasn’t one of those normal circumstances. Thea and I were having a prolonged tampuhan and she’s meeting a guy whose literary accomplishments were something that will remain as unrealized dreams for me. And so I played it cool, after all I am Mr. Unaffectedly Cool in times of tampuhan.

It was several months later, when we were back in Manila in another spell of tampuhan, that Ian came back in the picture. This time around I wasn’t playing the role of Mr. Unaffectedly Cool very well. I was making her suyo. In other words, I was playing Mr. Nice who’s happily carrying countless shopping bags and putting out a smile while patiently waiting at Zara. Under normal circumstances I would excuse myself and say I need to go to the wash room when in fact I will just loiter at the Mac shop.

Thea told me she’s meeting Mark and Ian (the award winning writer) in Malate, and asked if I can drive them around. I obliged of course, knowing Mark, it’s guaranteed that we won’t have a boring moment. She tells me further that Ian flew from Dumaguete to receive yet another award. But I was too preoccupied with playing Mr. Nice that I failed to hear a number of things she told me. Perhaps my constant smiling during all those shopping was causing a strain in my brain that I was unable to process what she said. It was as though complete sentences were broken down into fragments: Be nice. Hope feel. Don’t awkward. Mark and Ian. Boyfriends.

Since I was pretty much a zombie after all the shopping, I said sure. All I can think of was something I read in a magazine somewhere “Be nice to her friends!” So I was all set to be nice and all until of course we met them and introductions were made. Mark and Thea were ecstatic to finally see each other after a long time. Of course they talked about what each other was wearing, weight issues and all (It’s amazing how they can talk about clothes, weight, make up and all in one sentence delivered in one breath!) Mark says hi and follows it with, “Les, meet Ian my Bubu!”

“Oh!” was all I could say.

There’s really nothing more than shopping that can numb my head. Turns out Ian and Mark were together and that the award-winning writer Ian that Thea met in Cebu was Mark’s whom Mark ever so excitedly introduced during that time. Great, so now that that’s out of the way then I can proceed with playing Mr. Nice.

At this point, Mr. Nice and Mr. Unaffectedly Cool somehow merged into one. Read: BIG MISTAKE!

(To be continued.Blame Vodka.)

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